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 ...and this is me (Stuart)

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PostSubject: ...and this is me (Stuart)   2017-01-05, 13:55

I am a 54 year old, married with 2 kids and a die hard flight sim fan! I live near Wakefield in the UK, working mostly late shifts so most of my online presence will be during the morning.

Although now retired from the airline industry, my main claim to fame was as a flight engineer on British Caledonian's 707 and DC10 fleet, with Heavylift on the unique Short Belfast/707 and finally with Dan-Air on the 727. Including time as a corporate safety pilot, my total flying time was 7763hrs, all licences have now sadly lapsed :-(
I love to fly the more realistic add-ons such as Aeroworx B200, Eaglesoft Citation , Digital Fokker 100 and FeelThere ERJs on flight sim, two of which will hopefully continue to be catered for in SwissVirtual. Unfortunately, due to the amount of add-ons and scenery, I still use FS9 as matter of choice, although I do have FSX installed.

I have over 3700hrs on VATSIM and obviously, to my wife's disgust, many more offline Laughing

Types flown real world as a pilot, in chronological order;
Cessna 152 ( First solo 12.08.79 G-BGLN after 7 hrs dual!)
Cessna 172
Rockwell 500S Shrike Commander
Rockwell 690A Turbo Commander
Citation I
Citation II
Beech King Air E90

See you in the skies
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PostSubject: Re: ...and this is me (Stuart)   2017-01-06, 11:42

Welcome Stuart!

Thanks for your infos Razz happy to see an "old" vintage pilot into our VA. I saw your privat message, I will answer you tonight!

See you!

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
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PostSubject: Re: ...and this is me (Stuart)   2017-01-11, 07:52

Hi Stuart

Impressive flying!

Also… she's free to join the VA as well, right? ;-)


Chris Leduc
Member of the Board of Directors
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PostSubject: Re: ...and this is me (Stuart)   

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...and this is me (Stuart)
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