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 The big simulator question

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The big simulator question  Empty
PostSubject: The big simulator question    The big simulator question  Empty2018-05-03, 20:40

Hi Guys!

I would just like to ask you all about your personal oppinions and experiences about the everlasting question: P3D v.4 or X-Plane 11?
Short backround storry: I‘am about to buy a new PC, until this day, i‘am using FSX on my old one.
As i have to get a new one now, i‘am really uncertain about witch Sim to chose.

X-Plane really looks amazing to me (Physiks and grafics are just great!) and it would be my favorised one to buy, but i‘am not sure about the range of realistic payware Addons. (especially when talking about airliners)
My main goal is to fly as realistic as possible but also with as many SWISS aircrafts as posible (A32x, A330, 777, CS300...).
Therefor P3D seems to be the better choise... (even if i don‘t like the performance and grafics that mutch)

But what do you all think?
Witch one should i prefere?
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The big simulator question
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