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 Summer in Europe

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PostSubject: Summer in Europe   2018-04-30, 17:40

Hi all,
With summer slowly but surely arriving in Europe now, I wanted to show you some pics I made mid-flight. It's that time of year again Very Happy. With rising temperatures and more humidity in the air we start to see the famous Cumulonimbus clouds again.

LX239/CAI-ZRH, huge CB over Brindisi

LX239/CAI-ZRH, I was surprised of the weather in that area because there was nothing indicated on the SigWX chart over Italy.

WK284/ZRH-FNC, Beautiful but dangerous.

So as soon as I see a big red/magenta spot on my ND, I pop the seat belt sign on and try to avoid any turbulence.  bounce
With that said,
Enjoy summer, avoid CB's and most importantly Happy Landings.  Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Summer in Europe   2018-05-05, 08:01


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Summer in Europe
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