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 Fuel prices realistic?

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PostSubject: Fuel prices realistic?   2018-04-01, 10:02

I was just checking my logbook when I noticed that the fuel cost is enormously high.

I then checked the real fuel prices for Jet A1 fuel and these are the ones for ZRH:

As you can see if you tank more than 3000 liters it costs you 1.13 CHF/L

So 142510 liters x 1.13 = 161036 CHF which seems way more realistic if you think that the average ticket price for MIA-ZRH is around 800 CHF with 337 PAX.

Of course the prices in Miami may vary but Im just trying to help you with building this VA Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Fuel prices realistic?   2018-04-01, 10:31

Fuel price is not in our feature, we will delete this information. But thanks for the note!!!

Etzlinger Alexandre
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PostSubject: Re: Fuel prices realistic?   2018-04-10, 07:24

Hi Henry,
airlines are using fuel hedging to stabilize the fuel price over a long time frame and safe money. Therefore the fuel price you find published by an airport is not necessarily representative for the airlines.

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PostSubject: Re: Fuel prices realistic?   

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Fuel prices realistic?
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