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 Fokker 100 Digital Aviation - Cockpit Shared

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PostSubject: Fokker 100 Digital Aviation - Cockpit Shared   2018-01-12, 13:12

Dear pilots,

I really want to share my experience with the Fokker into flight simulator and I hardly suggest it to everybody looking for "as real as it gets"...

This addon is kind of mystery for every simmers, we are not hearing about it or we don't really know the quality of this addon. I think it is very sad because Digital Aviation guys have made an incredible job with that addon. In fact, the only "poor" point of it is that the Fokker Digital Aviation is only a 2D cockpit. But so much good points...

- 2D panels are very detailed, all switches are functional and FCOM/QRH can be applied without any difference.
- View navigation is very simple, example: if you want to go to the overhead panel, you just click at the top of the window.
- Fuel consumption is very accurate
- PFPX F70 and F100 are available
- Flight dynamics are very accurate
- FMGS is fully functional
- Flight Deck Connection is one of the special features... And guess what... we have a multicrew system into the intranet

So you know what you have to do...

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask!

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
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PostSubject: Re: Fokker 100 Digital Aviation - Cockpit Shared   2018-02-04, 08:40

Sadly 2D Panel only is a no go for me, dont miss those days at all Sad
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Fokker 100 Digital Aviation - Cockpit Shared
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