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 Hello SWISS VA (Michael)

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PostSubject: Hello SWISS VA (Michael)   2017-04-21, 18:31

Hello All

I'm Michael (27) and i'm with SWISS VA since about a year. Before i was in different virtual airlines in Europe, but since i'm from Switzerland it's really nice to have SWISS VA.
Outside the Flight Sim World i'm working for SWISS as well as a Flight Dispatcher. Therefore if anyone needs further information (if i'm allowed to pass them on), i'd be happy to answer your questions.

Ah and i'm flying on IVAO usually, therefore i'd be really happy to see you guys from time to time in the IVAO-Skies :-)

Kind regards
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PostSubject: Re: Hello SWISS VA (Michael)   2017-04-21, 20:45

Hey Michael, nice to have you on board!
I'm flying on IVAO too, may we see each other in the air soon... Well my Sim broke up yesterday but I hope I can fix it soon Rolling Eyes

Immel Nikolaj
ZRH Fleet Chief
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PostSubject: Re: Hello SWISS VA (Michael)   2017-04-26, 14:55

Welcome! Flying SWR54A to LFMN just as I am writing Very Happy

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
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PostSubject: Re: Hello SWISS VA (Michael)   

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Hello SWISS VA (Michael)
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