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 My self... (Alex)

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My self... (Alex) Empty
PostSubject: My self... (Alex)   My self... (Alex) Empty2017-01-05, 11:27

Hello guys!

My name is Alex, I am living in Geneva (Switzerland), flying in LFLI (Annemasse) as LAPL pilot, and working in AVIASIM as an Airbus Instructor for non-professionnal people!

I am the vis-CEO of Swiss Virtual, working hard with Johannes to give us a new profil of this VA hidden in the darkness Wink

I hope to create a new life of SWR VA with this forum, build a community!

See you in the sky guys! cheers

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
My self... (Alex) 20pua9e
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My self... (Alex)
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