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 Just some minor suggestions :)

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PostSubject: Just some minor suggestions :)   2017-03-20, 23:20

Hello fellow pilots and adminstration!

I have been a flight sim enthusiast for quite some time now. My favourite aircrafts is the A320 family aswell as the A330/A340 Very Happy
I've been with other VAs aswell but no one had the realism as this one Wink
Thought I'll just let you know my thoughts on this virtual airline and what could be improved Smile

What is good:
-Up to date flights (this is what I like the most about this VA and what I think sets it apart from other VA's)
-Wide variety of aircrafts
-No use of acars
-Very nice design on website aswell as easy to use.

What could be improved? (Know that some of this might be difficult to implement)
-Would be nice to have some kind of "routes flown map" on the "Flight Log" section or something.
-Include SWISS Boeing 777 on booking page aswell as model picture of it Smile
-More VA events would be cool
-If possible add the possibilty to fly offline on flight sim and still be able to track the flight (Know that this might be difficult to implement)

Cheers Wink

Happy Flying!

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PostSubject: Re: Just some minor suggestions :)   2017-03-27, 06:07

Dear H.

We are currently working on a new website interface / tracker and features... it can not be release yet, but it still work in progress Very Happy Stay tuned!


Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
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Just some minor suggestions :)
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