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 Still here (Pascal)

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Still here (Pascal) Empty
PostSubject: Still here (Pascal)   Still here (Pascal) Empty2017-01-16, 18:19

Hi Guys

I'm Pascal from Basel, have been flying with swiss virtual for quite some time now (first flight in march 2013). I work at the hospital in Olten and spend most of my time with the job lately. Sadly this results in less time in the Sim for me so my activity here has dwindeld somewhat.
As for Feedback I have a few points:
- first off I think it's great that we have a basis for a Swiss Virtual here, I think there is much potential
- the visuals of the website really were quite enticing when initially released
What I think could be done better:
- I think the +/- 6 hour rule doesn't make much sense, I feel as though enforcing using actual times in the Sim would add more realism. Currently the restriction leads to less acitivity as sometimes I'll be stuck somewhere because I cant fly during the timeframe available.
- route planning etc. Most people come to a VA specifically for the Route Network. If the connections to the real world airline are still alive, I believe most people would love to see suggested routes, Alternates and other information pertaining to the flight such as a the actual callsign used as well as current scheduled times.
- even better (more specific) communication. There have been multiple news on how the website will be revamped and better times were coming that eventually didn't happen, I have no information on numbers in the VA, but the trust/confidence shrinks quickly. A more open communication on what is being worked on might also lead to more help from the community.
- More Events. I feel like there isn't a very large "sense of being", most people just fly their flights and mind their own business, I think with more events the VA Community could become more cohesive. There was a push for Events a while back, as far as I recall those were only on IVAO.
- The idea of a "premium membership" was very weird, I get it that the domains and everything cost money, however paying of a membership fee seemed to shy away even more people. I would let this idea be for the moment, there are plenty of large VA's who manage without a pay to use scheme so I think we should manage this as well

All in all I think the VA has great potential and I am excited to see what the new management team brings to the table.


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Still here (Pascal) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Still here (Pascal)   Still here (Pascal) Empty2017-01-16, 19:49

Hi Pascal!

Welcome and thanks for your feedback,

- route planning / ofps and operations system is part of our main new freature to manage in the new swiss virtual web site, so be sure that we making our best to ensure this request!

- communication is now in the middle of all of our discussion, the whole staff tram have been re-structured to offer you a more interactive communication between members and executive. More to come...

- events... totaly agree with you about it, and be sure that it will come in the next weeks!

- premium member s. -> if you check our website you will see that this option has been deleted. Was a mistake that we lern from it :-)

Safe flight Pascal!
Looking forward to see you in the virtual sky,


Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
Still here (Pascal) 20pua9e
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Still here (Pascal)
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