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 The same person as before :) (Massimo)

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The same person as before :) (Massimo)  Empty
PostSubject: The same person as before :) (Massimo)    The same person as before :) (Massimo)  Empty2017-01-13, 15:10

Dear Pilots

My name is Massimo Fontana, 23 years old and live 5min away from the LSZH Airport.
I'm working at LSZH Airport since 8 years. I'm working for GSA (General Sales Agent) who is handling a lot of Airlines like (United, Qatar, Turkish Airlines.. etc.).

Starting as COO in 2015 I worked a lot of with my colleagues to make Swiss VA great.

Now our Staff is refreshed and we will do our best for this VA. Cool

See you in our briefings rooms at LSZH or LSGG Wink

Take care!


Fontana Massimo
Chief Executive Officer
Head of Flight Operation Zurich
The same person as before :) (Massimo)  20pua9e
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The same person as before :) (Massimo)
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