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 Greetings from Basel!

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Greetings from Basel! Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from Basel!   Greetings from Basel! Empty2017-01-11, 07:45

Hi everyone!

My name is Chris and I'm 27 years old and live in Basel as of this writing.

In the VA, you'll see me handle the legal, financial and logistical aspects of running an association. I keep a hands off approach to the operations business — and you'll see why in a second.

In the military I'm a specialist officer/captain. My unit is the military support to the National Emergency Operations Center and the Federal Council in case of a national emergency. Lots of training and the hope we'll never be needed…

At my work, you'll either find me at the Genius Bar or at some other task in IT or Operations at Apple in Basel, Switzerland. Make sure to say «hi» when you visit!

I joined Swiss Virtual in the early days in 2002 and quickly became CMO to create new marketing campaigns and shape the visual standards we're still known for today. I then learned to code PHP on the job and became the CIO. Later I became CEO and was able to reshape a lot of aspects which became standard in the VA industry.

My job and some stress factors in my life took a tool on this and I lost the time and energy to continue working for the VA with that passion. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in properly handing the project over and relaunch it. However, Johannes, Alexander and the rest of the wonderful team took a great turn and are reviving and rethinking the VA from the ground up in a way that already works.

My strength is the logistics, the legal and the financial aspects of running an organization. As a member of the board, I want to see the VA succeed fully. My role will be to make sure the team has everything it needs to see it work. Therefore I won't involve myself in the operations and daily business directly, but I'll make sure that the VA doesn't run out of money, properly handles the legal aspects and that anything the management wishes can be made possible.

The VA will turn 15 this year. During this time, my small brother was born and will soon finish school. Some our our younger pilots are now flying IRL on duty for SWISS and other airlines. And we've transitioned through 5 management teams. This is the best team I've ever seen and I can't wait to see what it can achieve!

Here's to another 15 years!

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Greetings from Basel! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Greetings from Basel!   Greetings from Basel! Empty2017-01-11, 10:40

Hello to our Chairman !

Thanks for the kind words Chris, we will do our best for this SWISS VA!

À bientôt! :-)

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
Greetings from Basel! 20pua9e
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Greetings from Basel!
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