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 Still me ;) (Johannes)

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PostSubject: Still me ;) (Johannes)   2017-01-08, 13:07

Dear Pilots,

my name is Johannes Hart, 21 years young and living either in Munich, Frankfurt or Vero Beach/FL.
I´m currently a Student Pilot for Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy in Frankfurt to get my ATPL.

Starting as a Head of Flight OPS in 2014 I worked a lot with my former colleagues and tried to makes this VA great.
But you know, aviation is always turbulent. So with relaunching the new Swiss Virtual there have been made several mistakes which caused a
unsteady time.
But now, if you have enough motivated people who want to help, we can all get this virtual airline back to its "Cruising Level".
I try to support my colleagues as much as I can as a CEO!

I´m looking forward to this new chapter of Swiss Virtual.



Hart Johannes
Chief Executive Officer
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PostSubject: Re: Still me ;) (Johannes)   2017-01-08, 15:55

Welcome back! Grüss die airline cheers

Etzlinger Alexandre
Deputy Director
& Web Developper
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PostSubject: Re: Still me ;) (Johannes)   2017-01-11, 07:49

Hi Johannes

I'm very very confident that your team is perfect for that huge task and I can already see it's going the right way!

Also, good luck and success for your ATPL keep us posted!


Chris Leduc
Member of the Board of Directors
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PostSubject: Re: Still me ;) (Johannes)   

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Still me ;) (Johannes)
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